Informational Papers

Here are topic-related documents to provide the Legislature with in-depth information on special budget-related topics. LFD strives to keep these documents up-to-date. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Select a Paper:

Community Assistance Program - An in-depth paper written
by both Legislative Research and LFD on the Community Assistance
Program, which includes its history, funding and budget implications.

Community Assistance Program - A summarized document on
the Community Assistance Program with budget implications only.

Medicaid FAQs - Frequently asked questions
and answers about Alaska's Medicaid program.

A Citizen's Guide to K12 - A comprehensive document
on Alaska's educational K-12 funding, including the organization
of school districts and funding formulas.

Positions, Vacancy Factors and Legislative Control -
Detailed information on how positions and vacancy factors affect
the budget.