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FY 2014 House Finance Subcommittee Operating Budget

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Statewide Agency Summary - GF Only

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Operating and Mental Health Bills
Operating Budget Language Compare (HB 65) -- Governor to House Finance CS

Agency Reports
Agency Agency
Summary (GF Only)
AdjBase to
Hse Subcom)
(GovAmd to
Hse Subcom)
All Agencies ALL AgyTot ALL AllocSum ALL AllocSumGF ALL AllocTotal ALL Trans Compare 1 ALL Trans Compare 2 ALL Wordage
Administration DOA AgyTot DOA AllocSum DOA AllocSumGF DOA AllocTotal DOA Trans Compare 1 DOA Trans Compare 2 DOA Wordage
Community and Economic Development CED AgyTot CED AllocSum CED AllocSumGF CED AllocTotal CED Trans Compare 1 CED Trans Compare 2 CED Wordage
Corrections DOC AgyTot DOC AllocSum DOC AllocSumGF DOC AllocTotal DOC Trans Compare 1 DOC Trans Compare 2 DOC Wordage
Education and Early Development DOE AgyTot DOE AllocSum DOE AllocSumGF DOE AllocTotal DOE Trans Compare 1 DOE Trans Compare 2 DOE Wordage
Environmental Conservation DEC AgyTot DEC AllocSum DEC AllocSumGF DEC AllocTotal DEC Trans Compare 1 DEC Trans Compare 2 DEC Wordage
Fish and Game DFG AgyTot DFG AllocSum DFG AllocSumGF DFG AllocTotal DFG Trans Compare 1 DFG Trans Compare 2 DFG Wordage
Office of the Governor GOV AgyTot GOV AllocSum GOV AllocSumGF GOV AllocTotal GOV Trans Compare 1 GOV Trans Compare 2 GOV Wordage
Health and Social Services HSS AgyTot HSS AllocSum HSS AllocSumGF HSS AllocTotal HSS Trans Compare 1 HSS Trans Compare 2 HSS Wordage
Labor and Workforce Development DOL AgyTot DOL AllocSum DOL AllocSumGF DOL AllocTotal DOL Trans Compare 1 DOL Trans Compare 2 DOL Wordage
Law LAW AgyTot LAW AllocSum LAW AllocSumGF LAW AllocTotal LAW Trans Compare 1 LAW Trans Compare 2 LAW Wordage
Military and Veterans Affairs MVA AgyTot MVA AllocSum MVA AllocSumGF MVA AllocTotal MVA Trans Compare 1 MVA Trans Compare 2 MVA Wordage
Natural Resources DNR AgyTot DNR AllocSum DNR AllocSumGF DNR AllocTotal DNR Trans Compare 1 DNR Trans Compare 2 DNR Wordage
Public Safety DPS AgyTot DPS AllocSum DPS AllocSumGF DPS AllocTotal DPS Trans Compare 1 DPS Trans Compare 2 DPS Wordage
Revenue DOR AgyTot DOR AllocSum DOR AllocSumGF DOR AllocTotal DOR Trans Compare 1 DOR Trans Compare 2 DOR Wordage
Transportation / Public Facilities DOT AgyTot DOT AllocSum DOT AllocSumGF DOT AllocTotal DOT Trans Compare 1 DOT Trans Compare 2 DOT Wordage
University of Alaska UOA AgyTot UOA AllocSum UOA AllocSumGF UOA AllocTotal UOA Trans Compare 1 UOA Trans Compare 2 UOA Wordage
Alaska Court System CTS AgyTot CTS AllocSum CTS AllocSumGF CTS AllocTotal CTS Trans Compare 1 CTS Trans Compare 2 CTS Wordage
Legislature LEG AgyTot LEG AllocSum LEG AllocSumGF LEG AllocTotal LEG Trans Compare 1 LEG Trans Compare 2 N/A
Branch-wide Unallocated Approp RED AgyTot RED AllocSum RED AllocSumGF RED AllocTotal RED Trans Compare 1 RED Trans Compare 2 N/A
Debt Service DBT AgyTot DBT AllocSum DBT AllocSumGF DBT AllocTotal DBT Trans Compare 1 DBT Trans Compare 2 N/A
Fund Capitalization FND AgyTot FND AllocSum FND AllocSumGF FND AllocTotal FND Trans Compare 1 FND Trans Compare 2 N/A
Direct Approps to Retirement RET AgyTot RET AllocSum RET AllocSumGF RET AllocTotal RET Trans Compare 1 RET Trans Compare 2 N/A
Special Appropriations SAP AgyTot SAP AllocSum SAP AllocSumGF SAP AllocTotal SAP Trans Compare 1 SAP Trans Compare 2 N/A
Fund Transfers XFR AgyTot XFR AllocSum XFR AllocSumGF XFR AllocTotal XFR Trans Compare 1 XFR Trans Compare 2 N/A

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