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FY 2014 Enacted Operating Budget Reports

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All Agencies ALL AgyTot ALL AllocSum ALL AllocSumGF ALL AllocTotal ALL Trans Compare 1 ALL Trans Compare 2 ALL Trans Detail 1 ALL Trans Detail 2 ALL Wordage
Administration DOA AgyTot DOA AllocSum DOA AllocSumGF DOA AllocTotal DOA Trans Compare 1 DOA Trans Compare 2 DOA Trans Detail 1 DOA Trans Detail 2 DOA Wordage
Community and Economic Development CED AgyTot CED AllocSum CED AllocSumGF CED AllocTotal CED Trans Compare 1 CED Trans Compare 2 CED Trans Detail 1 N/A CED Wordage
Corrections DOC AgyTot DOC AllocSum DOC AllocSumGF DOC AllocTotal N/A DOC Trans Compare 2 DOC Trans Detail 1 N/A DOC Wordage
Education and Early Development DOE AgyTot DOE AllocSum DOE AllocSumGF DOE AllocTotal DOE Trans Compare 1 DOE Trans Compare 2 DOE Trans Detail 1 N/A DOE Wordage
Environmental Conservation DEC AgyTot DEC AllocSum DEC AllocSumGF DEC AllocTotal DEC Trans Compare 1 DEC Trans Compare 2 DEC Trans Detail 1 N/A DEC Wordage
Fish and Game DFG AgyTot DFG AllocSum DFG AllocSumGF DFG AllocTotal N/A DFG Trans Compare 2 DFG Trans Detail 1 N/A DFG Wordage
Office of the Governor GOV AgyTot GOV AllocSum GOV AllocSumGF GOV AllocTotal GOV Trans Compare 1 GOV Trans Compare 2 GOV Trans Detail 1 GOV Trans Detail 2 GOV Wordage
Health and Social Services HSS AgyTot HSS AllocSum HSS AllocSumGF HSS AllocTotal N/A HSS Trans Compare 2 HSS Trans Detail 1 N/A HSS Wordage
Labor and Workforce Development DOL AgyTot DOL AllocSum DOL AllocSumGF DOL AllocTotal N/A DOL Trans Compare 2 DOL Trans Detail 1 N/A DOL Wordage
Law LAW AgyTot LAW AllocSum LAW AllocSumGF LAW AllocTotal LAW Trans Compare 1 LAW Trans Compare 2 LAW Trans Detail 1 LAW Trans Detail 2 LAW Wordage
Military and Veterans Affairs MVA AgyTot MVA AllocSum MVA AllocSumGF MVA AllocTotal MVA Trans Compare 1 MVA Trans Compare 2 MVA Trans Detail 1 MVA Trans Detail 2 MVA Wordage
Natural Resources DNR AgyTot DNR AllocSum DNR AllocSumGF DNR AllocTotal DNR Trans Compare 1 DNR Trans Compare 2 DNR Trans Detail 1 N/A DNR Wordage
Public Safety DPS AgyTot DPS AllocSum DPS AllocSumGF DPS AllocTotal N/A DPS Trans Compare 2 DPS Trans Detail 1 N/A DPS Wordage
Revenue DOR AgyTot DOR AllocSum DOR AllocSumGF DOR AllocTotal DOR Trans Compare 1 DOR Trans Compare 2 DOR Trans Detail 1 DOR Trans Detail 2 DOR Wordage
Transportation / Public Facilities DOT AgyTot DOT AllocSum DOT AllocSumGF DOT AllocTotal DOT Trans Compare 1 DOT Trans Compare 2 DOT Trans Detail 1 N/A DOT Wordage
University of Alaska UOA AgyTot UOA AllocSum UOA AllocSumGF UOA AllocTotal N/A UOA Trans Compare 2 UOA Trans Detail 1 N/A UOA Wordage
Alaska Court System CTS AgyTot CTS AllocSum CTS AllocSumGF CTS AllocTotal N/A CTS Trans Compare 2 CTS Trans Detail 1 N/A CTS Wordage
Legislature LEG AgyTot LEG AllocSum LEG AllocSumGF LEG AllocTotal LEG Trans Compare 1 LEG Trans Compare 2 LEG Trans Detail 1 N/A LEG Wordage
Branch-wide Unallocated Approp RED AgyTot RED AllocSum RED AllocSumGF RED AllocTotal N/A RED Trans Compare 2 RED Trans Detail 1 N/A N/A
Debt Service DBT AgyTot DBT AllocSum DBT AllocSumGF DBT AllocTotal N/A DBT Trans Compare 2 DBT Trans Detail 1 N/A N/A
Fund Capitalization FND AgyTot FND AllocSum FND AllocSumGF FND AllocTotal FND Trans Compare 1 FND Trans Compare 2 FND Trans Detail 1 N/A N/A
Direct Approps to Retirement RET AgyTot RET AllocSum RET AllocSumGF RET AllocTotal N/A RET Trans Compare 2 RET Trans Detail 1 N/A N/A
Special Appropriations SAP AgyTot SAP AllocSum SAP AllocSumGF SAP AllocTotal N/A SAP Trans Compare 2 SAP Trans Detail 1 N/A N/A
Fund Transfers XFR AgyTot XFR AllocSum XFR AllocSumGF XFR AllocTotal XFR Trans Compare 1 XFR Trans Compare 2 XFR Trans Detail 1 N/A N/A

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