About Legislative Finance and the Budget Process

The Legislative Finance Division (LFD) provides non-partisan budgetary and fiscal analysis to the Alaska Legislature. LFD supports the finance committees in both bodies during the development of the State's budget by providing accurate, relevant and objective information and analysis so that lawmakers can make budgetary decisions. LFD operates under a policy of confidentiality in all budget work and personal requests by legislators and aides are confidential until released by the requester or discussed at a public meeting.
Budget Process
- Walk through the Budget Process step-by-step.
- Budget 101 Training slides.
- Budget 102 Training slides.
- Learn common Budget Terms.
- Contact an Analyst about a specific agency.
Learn more about each of the budgets that we manage as they go through the legislative process:
- Operating Budget
- Capital Budget
- Supplemental Budget
Other Budget Responsibilities
In addition to the regular budgets, LFD manages several other pieces of the fiscal process.
- Fiscal Notes
- RPLs
External Links
Other helpful budget information can be found in a variety of places:
- Office of Management and Budget
- Constitutional Budget Reserve Balance
- Revenue Sources Book
- Authorizing Statute AS 24.20.231
Do you still have questions? Our Budget Handbook is full of information about the budget process.